Transfer Case Repairs by The Transmission Shop Dallas

The Transmission Shop's trained experts are able to provide superior transfer case repair for the greater Dallas area including Garland, McKinney, Plano, and Lewisville. We service the transfer case, also called transfer gearbox, for all makes and models. The service includes a careful removal and complete inspection. Also included the our transfer case service are the repairs of gears, bearings, gaskets, and seals

Your vehicle's transfer box may be easy for some to overlook, but is a very important device that functions directly with the transmission. It is connected to the front axle and rear axle through the vehicle's drive shafts. First, the transfer case receives power sent out by the transmission. Then it transfers that power to the front and rear axles. This keeps the rotation of all four wheels coordinated.

Roll in to visit the best in Dallas. We are well accustomed with the multiple needs of your vehicle's transmission. This is THE transmission shop to come to if you are looking for affordable prices, exceptional customer service, payment plans, and professional and meticulous skills Don't delay any further; come visit our courteous staff at The Transmission Shop Dallas!

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Transmission Shop Lewisville

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