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The Transmission Shop Dallas and its other locations can help extend the time that it will take for a clutch to start giving out. Our clutch maintenance protocol involves replacing the gear oil. Of course, the clutch will inevitably reach its limit. When it finally happens, The Transmission Shop Dallas will replace the clutch, resurface the flywheel, and replace the pressure plate and throw out bearing. We want to make it convenient for you. The Transmission Shop can be your source for all transmission and transmission related repairs and services that you may need, including the installation of a new clutch.

It is common knowledge that manual transmissions are more predictable than automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions can last for 100,000 or more miles. But even with its reputation for being reliable, it does have one weakness. A manual transmission's weak point is the clutch. The clutch has to endure a lot of wear and tear every time you drive your vehicle. Back and forth, it is constantly being engaged and disengaged and vice versa. Driving in an area with a lot of stop and go traffic puts an especially high amount of stress on the clutch. It causes the clutch to be put through hundreds of cycles of engaging and disengaging, often just in one driving session. Overworked, the damage adds up. It's not surprising that eventually the clutch will start slipping, becoming more difficult to shift, and then burn out

When is it time to replace the clutch? Believe it or not, you don't have to have mechanical training to recognize a failing clutch. Here are how some of the warning signs present:

LISTEN - Does your vehicle rev up irregularly or excessively without a noticeable increase in speed? It is common to have this symptom accompanied with the tachometer bouncing erratically and the jerking of the car. These are warning signs of a failing clutch that needs immediate attention.

FEEL  - Is it becoming difficult change gears. If you have to force the stick shift to go into gear, then the clutch is not engaging/disengaging properly.

LOOK- Do you notice that your vehicle's tachometer is responding erratically?  When a clutch is starting to wear out, it will slip and not shift as smoothly. In response to this, the indicator on the tachometer will move erratically up and down.

SMELL- When a clutch is starting to fail, it can omit a very unpleasant odor that smells like burnt rubber. This offensive smell is a result of friction that is caused by the clutch improperly grinding against the flywheel.

It is not necessary to have ALL of the above-mentioned symptoms before you get your clutched serviced. We actually discourage waiting that long. Bring it in upon the first sign of trouble to reduce damage and cost. The Transmission Shop Dallas can inspect and single out the source of the problem. Trust your car to the experts! Come visit The Transmission Shop in Dallas, Garland, Lewisville or Plano.

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