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Come visit the best transmission shop in Plano!  Drop on by or make an appointment, either way, you will receive expedient service. We provide to our valued customers external transmission checks free of charge! This includes checking the level of your transmission fluid and inspecting all transmission components for irregular exposure, corrosion, or looseness. We also examine the fan clutch.

At The Transmission Shop Plano location, we perform road tests free of charge. From this, we can assess your vehicle's transmission performance. We document if we have observed any of the following: delayed response, harsh or soft shifting, excessive noise, signs of slipping, or unexplained vibrations. At this point, we are able to determine if the engine is responsible for your vehicle's poor performance. We then continue your vehicle's assessment with a comprehensive electronic computer vehicle scans. The computer scan helps us to verify if a minor repair is required. Your vehicle will then be lifted to make sure your vehicle is not leaking fluid. This will also permit us to explore external connections. The axles, drivelines, mounts and u-joints will also be included in the inspection.
If the issue with your vehicle cannot be discovered after the external transmission inspection has been performed, then most likely there is an internal problem in the transmission. An internal inspection will be recommended. This requires that there be a total removal of the transmission. Each transmission component will be removed and inspected. We look for wear and damage and will determine if it is due to normal wear or if overheating caused it. The problem could also be because of a faulty part. Other times, the vehicle incurs damage coming into contact with a foreign object on the road. Properly diagnosing the cause of a transmission issue is not to be taken lightly. It is critical to address the underlying cause so we can provide you with the repair that corrects it once and for all.  
Sometimes, something as simple as dirty air filters, fuel filters or throttle position sensors can restrict the proper operation of a transmission. These issues can be resolved by giving your vehicle a tune-up. Cooling system difficulties and an unmaintained engine can also present itself as a transmission issue. These possible reasons will be considered and checked at The Transmission Shop in Plano, TX.
With so much experience, it’s no wonder our automotive specialists are the most efficient at servicing your vehicle. Having so many vehicles coming through The Transmission Shop allows them to conclude with time saving observations. For example, certain makes of vehicles have their own type of transmission issue that is common to this particular set of cars. Having 25 years of experience with all makes and models, we have been given the advantage of getting familiar with each and every brand and their common transmission failures. For example, Ford vehicles tend to have problems with the transfer case if the vehicle's tires are not the correct size or are not inflated correctly. If a different size of tire has been installed on purpose, then the vehicle's computer will need to be adjusted and the pinion factors reset. If this is not correctly determined, then the issue with the vehicle can be wrongly diagnoses as a failing transmission. Not only will this cost you much more than necessary, but the problem will not be resolved.
No stone is left unturned. We know having dependable transportation is serious business and we consider all possible causes for your vehicle's issue. Unfortunately for many drivers, many car mechanics fail to resolve the problem correctly or efficiently. Many times, other mechanics may rush to get a diagnostic and miss the real cause. They may even unwittingly suggest that new transmission is needed. If the underlying problem is not identified, the new transmission will become damaged as well. We want to save you money, time and major inconveniences by identifying the true problem right from the start.
Once your approval has been given to us to make the needed repairs, the technicians at our Plano TX transmission service center will begin their skillful procedures. You can count on us to always use new, quality parts we use when we service a transmission. Once the transmission has been serviced, it is refilled with the proper transmission fluid. Our experts carefully determine which fluid is the best for your vehicle.
After transmission installation, rebuild or repairs, we perform the whole external inspection another time. We take the vehicle for at least two test-drives. The mechanic who serviced the transmission takes it for one ride, while another mechanic drives it and documents his second opinion. After getting the car to perform satisfactorily, it is then lifted once again to check for leaks and that all bolts, brackets, and connections are holding firm. We take great pride in our work, so we make sure nothing is overlooked. Our long line of happy, Plano customers, as well as our outstanding warranties are all evidence that we believe in the quality of our workmanship. We are serious, professional, quick, thorough, and reasonably priced! Come visit The Best Transmission Shop in Plano Today!

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