Our McKinney Location:

Welcome to The Transmission Shop in McKinney! We are located to conveniently serve those in the Allen and Frisco areas, also. Drop in when you find the chance to or make an appointment. Both ways will get you started of the path of expedient, professional service.
We provide everyone external transmission checks free of charge! This includes checking the level of your transmission fluid and inspecting all transmission components for irregular exposure, corrosion, or looseness. We also examine the fan clutch. We will also perform an electronic scan. This scan will help us confirm if your vehicle requires a simple adjustment or a minor fix. Occasionally we find that a transmission issue is the result of simply a sensor needing adjustment. One this scan has been completed; your vehicle will be lifted. While lifted, we look for transmission fluid leaks, corrosion, and check to make sure everything is as it should be. This will also permit us to examine external connections, axles, drivelines, mounts and u-joints.
If our auto repair mechanics cannot determine the problem after the external inspection, then an internal transmission inspection is recommended. The Transmission Shop internal transmission inspections involve the careful, total removal of the transmission from the vehicle. Each component will be detached and inspected for wear or damage. Instead of only addressing the damage found, we make sure identify the source so you won't experience the same problems over and over again. We also have the expertise and experience that allows us to determine if damage was caused either by normal wear or from overheating. Being able to differentiate the two is important because overheating is an indication of an underlying problem. While we have the transmission out of you vehicle, we also inspect the engine. We will remove and check for rear main oil seal leaks. The u joints on the carrier bearing, the flywheel, the drive shaft, the differential pinion seal and the bearings are all examined also.
With so much experience, it's no wonder our automotive specialists are the most efficient at servicing your vehicle. Having so many vehicles coming through The Transmission Shop of McKinney allows our staff to make time saving observations based on trends we notice that are common in specific makes and models. For example, Ford vehicles tend to have problems with the transfer case if the vehicle's tires are not the correct size or are not inflated correctly. If a different size of tire has been installed on purpose, then the vehicle's computer will need to be adjusted and the pinion factors reset. If this is not correctly determined, then the issue with the vehicle can be wrongly diagnoses as a failing transmission. Not only will this cost you much more than necessary, but the problem will not be resolved.
We don't believe in patching any type of problem up. We thoroughly search through all of the possibilities to expose the root the problem your vehicle is experiencing. Patching a problem only wastes time and our efforts and will give us an undesirable reputation. The staff at the Transmission Shop wants to provide you with the correct repair the first time. We take pride in our work and back it up with a warranty. Enjoy some peace of mind and trust your vehicle will be services the right way!
Diagnosing your transmission carries a great deal of responsibility. The Transmission Shop of McKinney only hires those you can depend on to correctly determine if your automobile needs transmission repairs, an overhaul or to be completely replaced. A wide range of factors need to be taken into consideration and not overlooked.
Trust The Transmission Shop to direct you toward the best service plan for your vehicle and wallet.

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