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If you live or work in the Lewisville area and are looking for a place to have your car serviced, then stop by and pay The Transmission Shop a visit or call. We offer our respected patrons transmission inspections free of charge! You'll see the difference in how we conduct business compared to the rest right off the bat. We will inspect your vehicle right away while you wait, with or without an appointment!

First we will confirm that the transmission fluid is at the correct level. A visual check of the external condition of your transmission and its connections is also performed. We check the functionality of your fan clutch and continue on with a road test. During the road test, we listen for excessive noise or vibrations while the transmission shifts. We'll also inform you if the transmission is slipping, shifting late, or jerking. Our trained technicians will be able to differentiate if your vehicle is having engine problems rather than issues with the transmission.

We then continue on with an electronic scan. This scan will help us confirm if your vehicle requires a simple adjustment or a minor fix. Occasionally we find that a transmission issue is the result of simply a sensor needing adjustment. One this scan has been completed; your vehicle will be lifted. While lifted, we look for transmission fluid leaks, corrosion, and check to make sure everything is as it should be. This will also permit us to examine external connections, axles, drivelines, mounts and u-joints.
After thorough information has been compiled from this extensive inspection, we will document our reliable diagnosis. Many times, only a simple transmission repair job may be required. Sometimes, it might be revealed that the problem is not with your transmission at all. Whether you need a simple repair, a transmission overhaul, or an entire transmission replacement, no job is too small, too big, or out of the scope of our master at The Transmission Shop. On the occasion that there is an engine problem, you can count us to fix it. If the air or fuel filters need to be replaced, there are problems with the catalytic converter, or the throttle position sensor is contributing to the malfunction of your vehicle, we can professionally correct these issues. Even an impaired cooling system can make it look like your vehicle is having to transmission problems. Our professional and expert auto repair technicians at The Transmission Shop can figure it out and fix it.
Our knowledge is extensive and has made us wise. We even go as far as checking out the tires on certain vehicles. Some vehicles tend to have problems with the transfer case if the vehicle's tires are not the correct size or are just not inflated to the proper pressure level. We go above and beyond and notify you if the tires are wearing unevenly, the tires are not inflated properly, or if the tires are the wrong, which could hinder your car's performance.

We don't believe in patching any type of problem up. We thoroughly search through all of the possibilities to expose the root the problem your vehicle is experiencing. Patching a problem only wastes time and our efforts. We respect people and ourselves too much to do that. The staff at the Transmission Shop wants to perform the correct repair the first time. We take pride in our work and back it up with a warranty. Enjoy some peace of mind and trust your vehicle will be services the right way! Our Lewisville shop is conveniently located near a number of DFW area cities such as Flower Mound, Carrollton, Coppell, The Colony and Irving. If you are in need of Irving transmission repair, please click here.
Come to the best; come to The Transmission Shop in Lewisville as soon as you can!

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