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We are home to the FREE, extensive vehicle inspection package. This vehicle check up service includes examining the outside of the transmission, the fan clutch, and all exposed connections. We will also check your vehicle's transmission fluid. At The Transmission Shop Garland, you can expect our technicians to perform road tests free of charge. Only through an extensive examination can we observe your vehicle's transmission performance. We will report to you if we have observed any of the following concerns: delayed response, too harsh or too soft shifting, excessive noise, slipping, or unexplained vibrations. We are also qualified to determine if whether the engine or the transmission is culprit behind your vehicle's underperformance.
We then continue on to complete a comprehensive electronic computer vehicle scan. This scan gives us specific information that allows our technicians to verify the type of repair that your car requires. Then we continue on to lift your vehicle to confirm that it is not leaking fluid. Lifting your vehicle enables us to examine external connections, axles, drivelines, mounts and u-joints.
If our auto repair mechanics cannot determine the problem after the external inspection, then an internal transmission inspection is recommended. The Transmission Shop internal transmission inspections involve the careful, total removal of the transmission from the vehicle. Each component will be detached and inspected for wear or damage. Instead of only addressing the damage if it is found, we make sure identify the source so you won't experience the same problems over and over again. We also have the expertise and experience that allows us to determine if damage was caused either by normal wear or from overheating. Being able to differentiate the two is important because overheating is an indication of an underlying problem. While we have the transmission out of you vehicle, we also inspect the engine. We will remove and check for rear main oil seal leaks. The u joints on the carrier bearing, the flywheel, the drive shaft, the differential pinion seal and the bearings are all examined also.
Those with insufficient training can easily mistake engine problems for transmission problems. The following are a few of those engine problems: air or fuel filters needing service, failure with the cooling system, needs a tune-up, has a restricted catalytic converter, or a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). The technicians at The Transmission Shop also possess extensive training to diagnose and perform these engine services.
With so much experience, it's no wonder our automotive specialists are the most efficient at servicing your vehicle. Having so many vehicles coming through The Transmission Shop allows them to conclude with time saving observations. For example, certain makes of vehicles have their own type of transmission issue that is common to this particular set of cars. Having 25 years of experience with all makes and models, we have been given the advantage of getting familiar with each and every brand and their common transmission failures. For example, Ford vehicles tend to have problems with the transfer case if the vehicle's tires are not the correct size or are not inflated correctly. If a different size of tire has been installed on purpose, then the vehicle's computer will need to be adjusted and the pinion factors reset. If this is not correctly determined, then the issue with the vehicle can be wrongly diagnoses as a failing transmission. Not only will this cost you much more than necessary, but the problem will not be resolved.
Diagnosing your transmission carries a great deal of responsibility. The Transmission Shop only hires those you can depend on to correctly determine if your automobile needs transmission repairs, an overhaul or to be completely replaced. A wide range of factors need to be taken into consideration and not overlooked. Trust The Transmission Shop to direct you toward the best service plan for your vehicle and wallet.  
Only careful transmission repairs, or rebuilds, will get your car back on the road and running like it has a new transmission. During the rebuilding process, we thoroughly clean the transmission case and all of its components. All of these parts are checked twice over by our qualified technicians. For the parts that do not pass our inspection, we replace with always new, quality parts. If there are recent transmission updates for your vehicle, we will be sure that the transmission will be rebuilt according to the latest specifications. If your vehicle has a transmission cooler, we will perform a hot flush to cleanse it. A hot flush will remove debris and contaminants. This is a necessary step in a transmission rebuild process.
After we meticulously repair, rebuild, or install a transmission into your vehicle, we perform yet an follow-up external examination. To ensure our repairs are of the greatest quality, we take the vehicle for at least two test-drives. The mechanic who serviced the transmission takes it for one ride, while another mechanic takes it out and gives his second opinion. It is then lifted one final time to be sure that there are no leaks and that all bolts, brackets, and connections are holding firm. Our warranty insures our work. The Transmission Shop in Garland, TX takes pride in our automotive services.

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